Payment Schedule

EnLink Midstream mails payments or electronically deposits them into your account on or around the 20th of each month. If that day happens to be a weekend or holiday, your payment will be mailed or deposited electronically on the next business day.

If you choose to receive payments via mail, please allow 10 business days for receipt.

Payments for a production month (both oil and natural gas) are normally made on or around the 20th of the month following the production month. For example, payments for the production month of January are mailed or deposited on or around February 20.

Minimum Payment Policy

The minimum payment amount varies by state.

In the Permian Basin, the minimum payment amount is the lesser of $50, the minimum amount required by statute, or the minimum amount required by your lease.

A payment will automatically be issued for the month your account accumulates this minimum required amount. Otherwise, you will be issued your accumulated payment in January of each year.

Market Conditions and Operational Issues

Payments will vary from month to month due to fluctuations in price, as well as variations in production between individual wells. Payments may also be impacted by routine maintenance or operating issues, as these eventualities can affect the volumes produced by a well during any given time period.


Volume or price revisions may necessitate adjustments to your payment. If you were overpaid or underpaid, adjustments are necessary to correct the previous payment. We advise that you keep your check detail for future reference in the event that adjustments occur.

Negative Balance

In the event of a revised division order, adjustments are processed according to the revision.

If an owner was overpaid due to the revised division order, then the recoupment amount will be adjusted against the owner’s current-month payment. If the recoupment amount is larger than the owner’s current-month payment, the owner is said to have a “negative balance.”

Adjustments made to correct any overpayments are posted to a special account. Proceeds attributable to current production are also posted to this account to offset the negative balance. When the amount due the owner reaches the required minimum payment amount (usually $50 (Permian), the owner will begin receiving checks again.

The first check detail generated after a negative balance has been recouped will show the adjustments that caused the negative balance as well as the subsequent positive offsets.

Payments Held in Suspense

On occasion, payments are held in suspense. Common reasons suspension occurs include legal issues such as: the transfer of a property interest from one owner to another; notice of death; a missing or incorrect address; or a missing or incorrect Tax Identification Number (TIN). In such instances, amounts due are accumulated then released when the matter in question has been resolved and EnLink has received and processed all related documents. All payments are retroactive to the date of the suspension.

Federal Withholding

If EnLink has not received a valid Tax Identification Number (TIN) in association with your account, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that we withhold your payment until this information has been provided. To request a valid TIN, U.S. residents must file a W-9 Form while international residents must file a W-8 form.